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English version warranty policy 英語版GIANT製品保証規定のご案内2024.05.10

 【About Retailers】
The Giant bicycles you have purchased meet the current high-quality industrial standards. However, for further safety, regular inspections and maintenance are necessary. Please make full use of the experience and knowledge of a Giant authorized retailer for these inspections and maintenance tasks. If you have any questions or concerns about your bicycle, please consult the retailer promptly. Additionally, any repair or adjustment work should be conducted by a professional bicycle mechanic. When looking for a nearby Giant authorized retailer, please refer to Giant’s website or contact the following information.

Giant Co.,Ltd
2-44-3 Kosugi Gotencho, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 211-0068
Phone: 044-738-2200

【Quality Assurance Regulations】
1. Warranty Coverage
Giant Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Giant”) offers warranty repairs, as specified in this certificate, to customers who have purchased our bicycles and encounter defects arising from manufacturing or materials when used under normal conditions as per the instructions in our product manual. This warranty repair is provided at no cost and is exclusively available to customers who have purchased new products from Giant authorized retailers. Warranty repairs, which may include part replacements or repairs, are conducted through Giant authorized retailers where the product was purchased, and any replaced parts become the property of our company. Please note that products purchased through channels such as online sales are not eligible for warranty repairs at Giant authorized retailers. Products purchased through channels other than authorized dealers (e.g., private sales or auctions) are not covered by our quality assurance.
Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all warranty coverage not listed here is limited to the replacement of defective parts with parts that Giant, at its sole discretion, deems equivalent or of greater value. In no event shall Giant be liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages, including but not limited to injuries, damage to property, economic losses, and more, whether arising from contract, warranty, negligence, product liability, or any other legal theory.

2. Warranty Period
Warranty of lifetime for-
• The bicycle frame, except on models intended for downhill purposes.
Warranty of ten years for-
• Rigid forks.
Warranty of three years for-
• Frames on models intended for downhill purpose.
Warranty of one year for-
• Paint finish and decals.
• All other original parts, including rear shock linkages, but excluding non Giant Brand parts, suspension forks, and rear shock parts, suspension forks, and rear shock absorbers shall be covered exclusively by the stated warranty of their original manufacturer.
However, this does not apply to items mentioned in clauses 4 and 6.
The warranty periods presented here do not guarantee the service life of the product.

3. The following costs are the responsibility of the customer:
(1) Replacement or repair of parts not covered by the warranty (consumable parts).
(2) Costs associated with inspections, maintenance, cleaning, etc.
(3) Repairs conducted at Giant authorized retailers other than the one of purchase.
(4) Any associated costs resulting from the failure of warranty repair parts (including travel expenses for on-site repairs when requested, and any consequential damages).

4. Consumables (Not Covered by Warranty)
Items considered consumable and not covered by the warranty include tires, tubes, valves, rim tape, spokes, nipples, chains, grips, flaps, bar tape, end plugs, wires, brake shoes and pads, lever pads, rubber pedals, dynamo rubber rollers, frame pump valves, wire harnesses, cages, bags, dress guards, cords, toe clips, straps, small screws, nuts, electrical components, light bulbs, dry batteries, tools, suspension oil, elastomers, link bushings, and other items that are subject to wear and tear or considered consumables.

5. Conditions and Procedures for Claiming Warranty
(1) To receive warranty services, present your bicycle and warranty certificate at the Giant authorized retailer from which you purchased the bicycle. Warranty repairs cannot be provided without the warranty certificate.
(2) Whether the repair is eligible for warranty coverage (either free or paid) will be determined based on the content of the quality assurance certificate. The bicycle and the quality assurance certificate will be examined at the Giant authorized retailer from which the bicycle was purchased, and the decision will be made accordingly.
(3) The warranty certificate is void if it lacks required information, stamps, or if the wording has been altered.
(4) The warranty is only available to the original purchaser of the product.
(5) Lost warranty certificates will not be reissued.
(6) This warranty certificate is applicable to bicycles used within Japan with engraved frame numbers. Exporting the bicycle will terminate the warranty.
(7) For warranty inquiries and repairs, please consult the Giant authorized retailer where you made the purchase. Any fees associated with warranty repairs performed at retailers other than the one of purchase are the responsibility of the customer.
(8) Please have your bicycle undergo an initial check (within 2 months or before reaching 100 km) and subsequent annual regular checks. These inspections are subject to charges.
(9) In the case of requesting on-site repairs, the travel expenses for the repair technician will be charged.

6. Items Not Covered by the Warranty
The following failures resulting from the circumstances below will not be covered by the warranty:
(1) Failures resulting from collisions, falls, riding on curbs, falling into ditches, or other incidents due to negligence, mistakes, accidents, etc.
(2) Natural wear and tear and deterioration that occur during normal use.
(3) Failure to perform the scheduled inspections specified by the company (initial check within 2 months, and subsequent annual checks).
(4) Failures caused by inadequate or incorrect maintenance and servicing.
(5) Alterations to the bicycle’s specifications made after the time of purchase.
(6) Modifications, repairs, or improper adjustments made by the owner (such as improper adjustment of saddle position or seat post extension).
(7) Damage or failures resulting from fires, earthquakes, floods, lightning strikes, pollution, salt damage, or other natural disasters and geological changes.
(8) Recognized as normal wear and fatigue of parts, as defined by the company, and considered consumables.
(9) Use exceeding legal requirements and the usage limits specified by the company (exceeding maximum load capacity, carrying two adults, etc.) (Giant genuine carrier’s maximum load capacity: the weight indicated in the carrier’s instruction manual) (Maximum load capacity for non-Giant genuine carriers: up to 15 kg combined, with a maximum of 5 kg on the front).
(10) Races or similar heavy use, commercial or off-road usage outside the normal scope of bicycle riding. This includes usage in any situation not in accordance with the instruction manual, commercial usage, usage in any type of competition (not limited to bicycle races), bicycle motocross races, stunt riding, jumping using sections like ramps, and similar activities or events requiring such riding practices.
(11) Changes occurring over time, such as paint surface, chrome surface, color fading of plastic parts, etc.
(12) Use in rental bicycles or by unspecified large groups of users.
(13) Sensory phenomena that do not affect functionality (such as noise or vibrations).
(14) Punctures caused by external factors such as nails, glass, sharp stones, and debris.
(15)Damage or defects in paint, discovered after the bicycle has been used even once.
(16) All matters not covered by the quality assurance regulations. Giant will not provide any warranties other than those explicitly mentioned or not mentioned here as warranties. All warranties, including those related to product value and fitness for a particular purpose, not explicitly stated here, will only be applicable during the warranty period specified herein.

7. Repair Procedures
For repairs beyond the warranty period, please feel free to consult the Giant authorized retailer where you made the purchase.

8. Parts Holding Period
Even after the warranty period has expired, we keep certain functional spare parts to maintain performance. However, when a new model is introduced, we will perform
repairs (replacement) with the new model. Please be aware that in addition to the cost of parts, repairs may involve labor and travel expenses, so kindly consult with the Giant authorized retailer beforehand.

9. Legal Responsibility
This warranty certificate guarantees free repairs within the specified period and conditions stated in this document. Therefore, this warranty certificate does not limit the liability under civil or commercial law.

10. Security Registration
When making a purchase, we recommend registering your bicycle for security at the Giant authorized retailer. Security registration is mandatory by law. Please note that security registration is subject to a fee.

11. For Foreigners
To foreign residents in Japan, please have someone who can understand the contents of this instruction manual explain it to you.