Day4: Tobishima-Kaido とびしま~大三島ルート


On Day 4, we took a ferry from Imabari to Okamura Island. The course starts on the seaside of Tobishima-Kaido and Oomishima. Shimanami Coastal Route has limited traffic and is friendly to beginners, but the serenity of this area is exceptional and delightful to cyclists. You will encounter mildly elevated areas which will help spice up the experience. 4 ferries travel between Imabari and Okamura per day. The Taiwan-Japan Cultural exchange Cycling in Shimanami Coastal Route chartered a ferry, but if you were to travel by regular means of transport, there would be a need to stop over thrice- Konaga Port to Akashi Port, Akashi to Tenman Port, Tenman Port to Miyaura. Make sure to get there on time!


course information

Ferry"CHARTER"Cycling Outline

:岡村島 Okamurajima >> 大崎下島 Osakishimojima 36km

・島波海道/Shimanami-Kaido 大三島 Omishima
:宮浦港 Miyaura >> 宗方港 Munakata = 33.5km



The sea of Mitarai district in Ooshimageshima has been known and prospered for its favorable currents and wind since the Edo Period, leaving a traditional townscape. In Year Heisei 6 (1994) this county was selected as a Traditional Architectures Preservation District. Make sure to bike slowly, as the lanes are narrow.


[ 古い町並み ]

「台日交流 瀬戸内しまなみ海道サイクリング」の一行で、ひと際元気だった女性チーム。今回のルートは舗装の状況もよく、坂も勾配がキツイところがないので初心者や女性でも十分に楽しめるし、山をアレンジすれば上級者にも走りごたえのあるコースを作ることも簡単にできる。

Strikingly, amongst the members of the Taiwan-Japan Cultural exchange Cycling in Shimanami Coastal Route; the most energetic were the ladies. The roads were maintained well, and slopes were generous enough for beginners and women to enjoy. Mountainside routes can be included to create a course to suit more advanced cyclists.


[ 元気いっぱいな女性チーム ]


Ooyakazumi Shrine worships the god of battle, where weapons of Samurai from the age of provincial wars are dedicated. National treasures, Important cultural assets and 40% of Japanese armors are preserved here. The shrine held a ritual praying for Taiwan-Japan Cultural exchange Cycling in Shimanami Coastal Route members' safety. We received a lucky charm sticker to put on our helmets, which is the most popular choice amongst cyclists.


[ 大山祇神社 ]


[ サイクリング一行の安全を祈祷 ]


Traveling clockwise around Oomishima, there is need to climb a hill just before reaching Munakata Port. With King Liu leading at the forefront, the other members follow to complete the last challenge. "We had heard that the ending would be tough, but after completing the course, it wasn't that hard." Even beginners would be able to complete this hill climb with a 34 x 25T gear.


[ 最後の難所 ]