Day3: Shimanami-Kaido 瀬戸内しまなみ海道ルート


Day 3 starts at the Seto Inland Shimanami Coastal Route, a 80km course that is known as one of the most popular bicycle courses in Japan. It is the only domestic bicycle course that spreads over a channel, where cyclists can cross over numerous islands like a stepping-stone. Being able to sweep over numerous islands at such a close distance makes it an unrivaled location. No other place in the world offers the same- the area is known for it's unique history and local customs, which adds to the experience. One can chose their course to suit their ability, but following the blue line on the road is recommended for a safe and brilliant it is recommended that one follow the blue line placed on the road for a safe, and fascinating biking experience.


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「島波海道/Shimanami-Kaido CYCLING」

・尾道 Onomichi >> 今治 Imabari 80km



The Innoshima Ohashi connecting Mukoujima and Innoshima is the only double storied bridge on the National 196 route, where bicycles are to use the bottom story. The lanes are separated for pedestrians and bikers, but one must be careful, as the latter is a single lane. Watch out for oncoming cyclists. You may think that the truss structure is a hindrance to the view, however it is a rare opportunity to examine the sophisticated construction from the inside. Admission costs 50 yen.


[ 因島大橋 ]


If you find hillclimbing strenuous, you may be going too fast. Put the gear in low and maintain a moderate speed along the left side, and try not to push yourself too hard. Shimanami Coastal Route has no large pass, but you may experience strong winds along the way. If you find it difficult to bike straight, don't hesitate to get off and walk your bike.


[ マイペースを守る ]


King Liu leads the crowd peacefully. Especially excited about biking along the Shimanami Coastal Route before arrival, he commented "Beautiful scenery. The changing view and rich diversity makes it a great cycling course. " King Liu continued in delight "With leveled and sloping roads, and areas where one can fancy the view of the sea from the bridge- the course is an extraordinary one by world standards. To add, the bicycle lanes have been constructed very well."


[ 劉会長も絶賛 ]


One of the pleasures of touring along the Shimanami Coastal Route is that one has the chance to see a variety of bridges. Tatara Ohashi (Tatara Bridge) that connects Ikuchijima of Hiroshima Prefecture and Oomishima of Ehime Prefecture is 1480m long, and has a span of 890m, which makes it the second longest cable-stayed bridge in the world. If you were to clap on the lane below the tower, the sound reverberates into a flutter echo called "Naki-Ryu" (Howling Dragon). Shokokuji (Shokoku Temple) of Kyoto, and Tosho-gu(Tosho-gu Shrine) in Nikko are often referred to as places where the similar resounding occurs, which makes this a sublime experience.


[ 多々羅大橋 ]


Michino Eki Tatara Shimanami Part situated at the middle of the Shimanami Coastal route, is the perfect place to take a lunch break. King Liu comments "After 3 days of cycling I am starting to feel a little tired, but this great view has the power to heal and make one forget such." The restaurant offers Mahata (belonging to Gronpera family), a rare and treasured fish as a set meal.

道の駅 多々羅しまなみ公園

[ 道の駅 多々羅しまなみ公園 ]


There are bicycle lanes that lead to the bridge, which is assuring to beginners. One must pay attention to speed, as there may be oncoming cyclists. For safe riding, try to inform others that you will take the right side when ascending or descending.


[ 自転車専用ルート ]


Shipbuilding is the primary industry of the Seto Inland industrial area. You may run across the dismantling of huge tankers being, or cargo ships built on slipways at a close distance, which is one of the charms of cycling on the Shimanami Coastal Route.


[ 巨大な船を間近に ]


The islands afloat the Seto Inland Sea are warm and dry, the sea breeze contains minerals, which makes it suitable environment to grow citrus fruits, too. Citrus orchards where fresh fruit and juices of local delicacies like Hassaku Daifuku and alike are abundant, which will make your experience a more "fruitful" one.


[ 瀬戸内といえば柑橘類 ]


At the center of Ooshima is a slope, heading south and counter-clockwise along the coast. One the right is a large bridge. Knowing that the long anticipated goal awaits at the other end of the bridge, the view brings bittersweet, slightly melancholic tingle that the excursion is coming to an end.


[ しまなみ海道の象徴 ]


Kurushima Kaikyou Ohashi (Bridge) that runs across the Pass, has a length of 4105m. It is the first triple connected, cable-stayed bridge. Seeing the island far ahead in the pass is a mildly curving, loop that slopes towards the bridge.


[ 世界初の三連吊り橋 ]

問:来島海峡展望館 TEL 0898-41-5002

The Shimanami Coastal Route ends at Itoyama Park, where you can see the Kurushima Pass counted as one of the three currents of Japan. In the park is the Kurushima Kaikyo Tenboukan that introduces the structure of the triple cable-stayed bridge and a resting area.
Please contact Kurushima Kaikyo Tenboukan for further details. Tel. +81-8-98-41-5002


[ 糸山公園 ]